Good News to View


Good News to View


Good News to View

View the translators story and witness the Dedication Day of completing the printed¬†Central Carrier New Testament by watching the video “Jesus In My Language”.

You will also want to view the Life Story of the daughter of one of the translators as shown by the Tribal Trails Video.

Check out the video of Doug Morris.

Watch the Luke Videos in both the Central Carrier and the Southern Carrier.


Central Carrier
(Stuart Lake)
Southern Carrier
(Anahim Lake)
NT Dedication

Anahim Lake NT Dedication
Tribal Trails, Sylvia Isaac Life Story

Tribal Trails

Nazko-Quesnel NT Dedication

Doug Morris

The Gospel of Luke Video The Gospel of Luke Video


Anahim Lake NT Dedication (Streaming)

Doug Morris – Forgiveness (Streaming)

Doug Morris – Born Again (Streaming)