Good News to Read

Good News to Read

You will find the Illustrated Alphabets interesting and notice how the dialects are sometimes different and sometimes the same. The practical alphabets help you to read Carrier.

There are bible verses you may want to download for your own.

The words to the Carrier Songs are included and they match the songs in the listening section.

There is a comic book format of the Story of Joseph you will enjoy reading.

You will also find the Old Testament book of Genesis in both Central Carrier and Southern Carrier to read.

Then you will discover the whole New Testament in both dialects that you can read here on line.

Enjoy exploring all these options! You now have the Good News at your finger tips.

Central Carrier
(Stuart Lake)
Southern Carrier
(Anahim Lake)
Nak’azdli Alphabet Anahim Lake Alphabet
John 3:16 John 3:16
Psalm 23 Psalm 23
Lord’s Prayer Lord’s Prayer
Song words Song words
Story of Joseph – Part 1, Part 2
Book of Genesis (Original) Book of Genesis
New Testament (Original)

New Testament

Book of Genesis (Updated 2019)
New Testament (Updated 2019)

Lessons from God’s Word Lessons from God’s Word

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