Dakelh Good News


Hadih!  Dahooja!

Welcome to the Dakelh Good News Website!

This is a website that has Good News in both Central Carrier, (Khuni Unzoo-i) and Southern Carrier, (Khunek Unzoo). You will find a variety of  things to explore in Carrier.  There are pictures to see. There is some history. There are videos to view. You will find interesting things to watch in the Carrier language.

There are Bible Books you can listen to and you may listen to the songs that accompany the songbook as well.

In addition there are Bible Studies from Old and New Testament Books to listen to. You may choose to hear other recorded Bible Stories in both Central Carrier and Southern Carrier.

There are Bible Books, Verses, and Stories to read as well as a Songbook.

You are free to download from this website for personal use only.

May the Spirit of God bless you as you explore the Good News!